Ghanta Ghar, the Tower Clock!

I found this modified “Ghanta Ghar” in Apar Pramod’s blog. I found this amazing! Share your views! I have not researched about Ghanta Ghar. So let us read Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, “The original clock tower was designed after the Big Ben of London, as Western influence crept into Nepalese architecture during the Rana era. The GhantaGhar that stands today was rebuilt after the 1990 BS earthquake, standing on the site of the original.”

GhantaGhar Kathmandu Nepal

The word GhantaGhar is made up of two words, “Ghanta” and “Ghar”. The words “Ghanta” and “Ghar” in Nepali mean “Hour” and “House” in English respectively. And thus the word “GhantaGhar” means the house that is used for looking hours or time.

There is also another GhantaGhar in Birgunj, which was made by the help of Japanese child student’s donation.

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